Every place has its own story, so does our store. Have you checked-in and taken any photos with our Mexican-inspired curtain?

At first sight, it could remind you about an animated fantasy movie named Coco. Indeed, we all love the tradition embedded inside that movie – Día de Los Muertos. It portrays as a day of celebration rather than mourning and as a symbol of connection. Carrying that idea to build up the Hummingbird Alchemy, we want the curtain to become a daily sticky note that reminds all of us about yesterday and today; the loss and the achievements; the difficulties in the past and the current success. Because more than anyone else, we know it’s a process involving an endless effort and connecting the whole team, the partners and amazing customers. 

We also would like to say thank you to our great, dedicated architect, who has Mexican origin and helped us recreate such the coolest eye-catchy and festive symbol. We are truly thankful to have you on this project. 

P/s: We still have more in store to share with you little by little. Stay tuned and keep following us for other secrets! 

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